Manufacturer of commercial and personal smart projector equipment.


HOTUS Technology starting from the idea with projection & computers all-in-one, after more than nine years of development, it has a rich custom smart projector products line.

​In the meantime, ​there are related products derived lines, ​wireless audio guide system that are compatible with business travel and education.

RC2402 Two-way tour guide system
RC2402 Two-way tour guide system One-key channel synchronization; easy operation saves timeWireless tour guide system; global public use signal transmission stability; make your call more privateHOTUS Technology BestQuality RC2402 Two-way tour guide system Factory,Support customized order for customer .
Rich Age Mini Wireless Microphone Device RC8860 Penetration Strong Anti-interference
The mini wireless microphone device RC8860 adopts UHF frequency band, and the transmission distance of up to 200m ensures sufficient range of motion, and the signal penetration and anti-interference ability are very good. The operating steps of the wireless microphone system are also as simple as possible to make it easy for users to use. Customized standard headset and microphone ensure clear and loud sound. The device has a built-in lithium battery, the transmitter can be used for up to 10 hours, and the receiver can be used for up to 16 hours.
Rich Age Two-to-many communication system RC2402 Multi-channel anti-interference
RC2402 two-to-many communication system can support two-person intercom and multiple people to listen. It also has a one-key simultaneous frequency function. The master needs to press and hold the conf. button of the main transmitter for 3 seconds, and the slave transmitter and receiver can jump to the channel set by the master transmitter. The operation is very simple and convenient.HOTUS Technology Customized Rich Age Two-to-many communication system RC2402 Multi-channel anti-interference manufacturers From China,With experienced and innovative R&D team .
Hotus H2 Windows 10 System Portable DLP Projector Factory
This is a product that won the German Red Dot Award. After the computer and the projector are combined, the volume is only the size of a normal book. The things that projectors and computers can do, this Hotus H2 Windows 10 System Portable DLP Projector can do.HOTUS Technology Hotus H2 Windows 10 system portable DLP projector Factory,With experienced and innovative R&D team .
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We are with an experienced electronics and optics hardware and software engineering team, and with the Red Dot Award designing team, also with a strictly quality inspection system to make sure the product quality.

We are a manufacturer with the ability of integrating OEM/ODM R&D, manufacturing ,transportation, using guide and installing guide and complete after-sale service of Smart Projector, Wireless Communication System, Smart Glasses products to our customers .


Hotus Technology has strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities of products such as Custom Smart Projector, Wireless Communication System, Smart Glasses. with extensive experiences in commercial, hotel, school, shopping center, residential, office and many other projects.

Hotus Technology can create first- class business education projection and wireless audio solutions according to the characteristics of your project.

Rich Age wireless audio guide equipments suitable for museums
Using the wireless audio guide equipments in the museum to introduce the history culture of the museum collections with vivid sounds instead of book introductions can enhance the tourist experience.Adopt 2.4G global universal frequency band;Unique frequency management technology;It has the characteristics of anti-interference, strong penetrating power, clear sound quality etc.;Support an unlimited number of visitors to listen at the same time.
Small Projection Multi-Scene Applications (Departmental Meetings, Training)
Small meeting room PPT Word Excel presentation application for training and meeting.No need to use the extra connecting cable between the projector and computer.It's a computer and projector combination , just one step can be projected.Any projection screen or white wall can be projected.
Wireless Audio Guide System For Tourist, conference and Reception tour guiding
RichAge wireless audio tour guide system is a device suitable for receiving large groups, tourist groups, and factory visiting .Each audio tour guide system works independently and no interfere with each other. Our 10-slot carrying bag set is on sale, specially designed for seminars , business and cultural trips.Wireless Tour Guide System Features:1. Artificial voice explanation and pre-recorded voice explanation;2. One explanation point can be spoken by 2 peoples at the same time;3. Optional channels, wireless audio guide setting machine ;4. Long working time, 20 hours of continuous work, 2 hours of charging time.
Rich Age tour guide system is loved by customers in different industries around the world
Rich Age tour guide system focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing wireless audio guide commentators and communication solutions for tourism, major events, conference services and religious activities.As a well-known exporter of wireless audio guide commentators, solution-based manufacturing" has confirmed to be a key principle of our company's practisingAnd it is still the company's main driving force in business activities, ensuring that our company is always at the forefront of innovation.
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HOTUS Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

HOTUS Technology was established in Shenzhen, China in 2015,and has been committed with the Intel processor platform, equipped with the Windows 10 operating system. Our main three products are Smart Projector, Wireless Communication System, Smart Glasses.

HOTUS effectively combining the computer and the projection into one, a high-end integrated Smart Projector Manufacturer. Make the projector smarter, smaller and more efficient! 

We are fortunate to gather a group of professional engineers with industry experience in structure, hardware, software, etc., have nearly 20 national technology patents, more than 40 Software Copyrights

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