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Hotus H2 Windows 10 System Portable DLP Projector Factory

Hotus H2 Windows 10 System Portable DLP Projector Factory

This is a product that won the German Red Dot Award. After the computer and the projector are combined, the volume is only the size of a normal book. The things that projectors and computers can do, this Hotus H2 Windows 10 System Portable DLP Projector can do.

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The Hotus H2 Windows 10 system portable DLP projector is a work that combines a computer and a projector. It is an innovation as well as a challenge to plug a computer and a projector in the volume of a book. In order to better control the heat, the Intel Atom series of processors are selected. Under the condition of ensuring the performance, the heat is lower and the power consumption is lower. It also uses copper pipes and fans to discharge the heat of the optical engine and the processor out of the machine. Under the condition of standard brightness, the fan speed is maintained at 2000-3000 revolutions per minute, which not only has enough heat dissipation performance, but also does not produce a lot of noise.

The optical machine of the Hotus H2 Windows 10 system portable DLP projector uses DLP technology and LED light source, which can make the volume of the optical machine smaller, and the heat generation is relatively low. DLP technology is called digital light processing technology. The adoption of all-digital technology enables the image gray scale to reach 256-1024, the color reaches 256-1024, the image noise disappears, and the picture quality is stable. The technical indicators and actual display effects of DLP display unit such as brightness uniformity, color uniformity, gray level, etc. are stronger than traditional CRT and LCD.

The LED light source is a solid-state light source. Compared with the traditional light source, the solid-state light source has a longer life span, and the basic life span is in units of 10,000 hours. The attenuation speed of the LED light source is very slow, and the attenuation curve is very flat during the service life. In terms of heat generation, LED is a piece of electroluminescent semiconductor material. The light-emitting principle is different from that of traditional light bulbs and does not generate a lot of heat during the light-emitting process. Therefore, in terms of energy consumption, the Hotus H2 Windows 10 system portable DLP projector using LED light sources consumes much less energy than traditional light source projectors.



Display Technology
0.3" DMD,RGB-LEDLensHigh Light Transmission Coated Lens
Brightness350ANSI LumenStandard Resolution1280*720
Throw Ratio1.1:1FocusAuto Focus
CPUIntel Atom Quad Core ProcessorOSGeninue Windwos 10


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Pre-install the Licensed Windows 10 system .
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We offer 12 months warranty .


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