Manufacturer of commercial and personal smart projector equipment.
Professional design and manufacture of high quality Bluetooth headsets

Professional design and manufacture of high quality Bluetooth headsets

Glasses and Bluetooth headset two in one, using TWS Bluetooth audio, integration of intelligent button function, one key to answer the phone, micro dual-speaker design, keep the sound private, nylon TR90 ultra-light frame material, high-definition nylon lens, effective blocking glare / blue light / UVA / UVB irradiation, support IP57 professional grade dust and water resistance.

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Company Introduction
Established in year 2015, Hotus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is providing Projector,Bluetooth Headphone,Smart Glasses,Wireless Keyboard and Mouse,Tour Guide System,Tire inflator and much more. Our claim to success is hallmarked by the offered quality products that gained us huge recognizance. We are working towards development through a dynamic team of people to meet the most stringent requirements of customers and become leaders of tomorrow.
Product Introduction

This most stylish smart glasses wireless bluetooth is a smart accessory with a high-tech feel. It uses wireless Bluetooth technology to easily connect to devices such as your phone, tablet or computer for high-speed data transfer and communication. The smart glasses have a built-in advanced computer processor that allows you to run various applications on the smart glasses, such as cell phone navigation, music playback, photo taking, video playback and more. At the same time, the smart glasses also have an intelligent voice assistant function that enables conversational services, providing you with a more convenient and user-friendly experience. Whether in work, life or entertainment, these smart glasses can bring you a more convenient and efficient experience, while also highlighting your fashion taste.


Ultra-light frames with professional lenses & Smart button function

These AiR P2 Wireless Smart Bluetooth Glasses from RICHAGE feature professional high-definition nylon lenses that effectively block glare, blue light and other harmful light to protect eye health, and are equipped with an ultra-lightweight frame made of TR90 ultra-light material that is comfortable to wear and perfect for long hours. The high quality materials and superb manufacturing process of these glasses provide users with a perfect visual experience.

The smart button function on the smart Bluetooth glasses is designed to be very user-friendly, enabling intelligent audio control, including one-touch operations such as answering phone calls and playing music. With the support of intelligent technology, smart Bluetooth glasses can efficiently connect various functions, allowing users to enjoy a high-quality listening experience anytime and anywhere. Not only that, the smart audio control of the smart Bluetooth glasses can also achieve more convenient control through voice prompts and light touch, allowing you to easily control the music and calls.

Audio design

Smart Bluetooth glasses audio design uses a miniature dual speakers, its sound quality performance is excellent, can present a clear stereo sound effect. The core of this design is to connect the two speakers in series so as to achieve stereo audio output, allowing users to feel the audio effect more realistically and get a better listening experience.

Professional dust-proof and water-proof

These smart Bluetooth glasses have IP57 professional-grade dustproof and waterproof function, which can effectively resist the erosion of dust, water drops and other external environmental factors in daily use. Whether in outdoor travel, sports or rainy days out, users can enjoy a stable and reliable use experience.


1.How about the warranty of your DLP projector ?
We offer 12 months warranty .
2.Will you keep my information safe?
We will take seriously of customers’ contact information and keep it confidential .Never ever share your information to third party or other customer without your approval.
3.Do you install DLP projectors with WiFi and Bluetooth to connect the network?
Yes our projector with WiFi and Bluetooth to connect the network.


1.Professional after-sale service team and complete after-sale policy .
2.Strictly controlled quality management system .
3.Have nearly 20 national technology patents,over 40+ National.
4.World famous strategic partner such as Intel ARM Microsoft TI etc .

About HOTUS Technology

Hotus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer dedicated to Intel and ARM architecture platforms, Windows operating system, and Android interactive interfaces ,integrated software and hardware, optical and electrical system R&D, manufacturing and selling ; focused on the fields of interactive education, training, personal business, office, hotel, private cinema, audio and video. Currently focusing on projection computer Integrated products. Our products integrate Hotus application software, electronic whiteboard, 360° digital microphone array, 360° surround panoramic camera system, excellent projection optical system, efficient and silent integrated heat dissipation system, Intel processing chip and Microsoft operating system. In educational applications, using our product equipment and interactive software, combined with on-site teaching applications, we can get a better interactive educational experience and improve the quality and efficiency of teaching. Whether the educated is studying at home or on-site, it can be better to enter the learning status faster, meanwhile it can supervise the quality of teaching at any time. In personal business products, it is convenient to fully display the information and content to customers on business trips or in temporary places. Things that need to be completed in three steps which simplified into one step to improve efficiency and enhance user experience.

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