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RC2402 Two-way tour guide system

RC2402 Two-way tour guide system

RC2402 Two-way tour guide system One-key channel synchronization; easy operation saves time

Wireless tour guide system; global public use signal transmission stability; make your call more private

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Product Description

1、RC2402 Two to many Communication Mode:When turn off slave transmitter, it becomes one-to-many communication mode

2、200m Long Distance Transmission:200 meters in transmission radius to cover members around every corner.

3、LED display:screen showing clearer

4、3.5mm audio port:International standard,3.5mm DC port: more durable than USB

5、6 colors for your option:We have many colors for you to choose. Satisfy your needs.

This product is flame retardant. Some chemical treatments, such as singeing, are used to burn off the surface fibers of the fabric for the aim of ensuring its low flammability.


1.Does your projector come with system ?
Pre-install the Licensed Windows 10 system .
2.What’s your MOQ  ?
For the normal massive production package products  , 1 set is acceptable .
3.What’s your shipping method ?
We normally ship by express, by air, and by sea; but we will consider the safety of parcel and the freight, and advise the best way to you after comparing .


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